Digital Media

From fans to clients through sport

Since 2008 STEELMAN SPORTS has pioneered the fusion of live events with digital media and social networks, creating content and strong emotional connections between the fan and the brand.

We specialize in creating and managing virtual communities through sporting activities.

Converting fans into customers is the main goal of all our actions in social networks and the Internet.


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We obtain the best performance from your investments in sporting activities.

Excellence in the implementation of the sponsorship strategy makes the difference between success and failure.

Execution is the key and STEELMAN SPORTS have been experts from more than 20 years.

Technological innovation also plays an important role in the activation of the sponsorship role and is one of the strategic areas of the company.

Our experience and achievements over the years set us apart. We specialize in:

  • Sponsorship contract negotiation.
  • Sponsorship activation programs.
  • Development of ON/OFF campaigns with sporting activities.

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Helping our clients achieve their bussiness objectives through sport.

The growing interest in live sport, coupled with the increasing fragmentation of television audiences has seen sport become the best tool to connect to the targets.

We develop strategies that provide measurable success to the most prestigious brands in the market working with premier clubs like Real Madrid in Football and Basketball and Atletico Madrid.

We can help in important aspects such as:

  • Development of strategic plans.
  • Identifying market opportunities.
  • Optimizing investments in sporting activities.

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We guarantee the best service for the people we represent so that they can take their profession to the next level.

We work closely with the people we represent so that they can achieve success in all facets of their life.

We identify the values ​​they represent and work with brands so they can capitalize.

We have a wide portfolio of personalities for:

  • Development of actions in online media and social networks.
  • Development of action OFF Line.
  • Participation in conferences and corporate events.

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