Nike – Being spanish is not an excuse, is a responsibility

May 2008, Barcelona

If we ask our Managing Director, Paulino Moraleda, to choose the best «slogan» of all the campaigns in which he has worked in for Nike, he would certainly choose «Being Spanish is not an excuse, it’s a responsibility.» Few phrases like this have transmitted the radical change that was experienced in Spanish sport.

Nike used this slogan as a continuation of the momentum campaign. Based around the Spain Eurobasketball team and Rafa Nadal who was about to win his third Roland Garros. It was time to make it clear that something was changing in the Spanish sporting landscape. A new generation of athletes (most sponsored by Nike) were changing forever the perception that the world had of Spanish sports.

The strong message became common in Spanish society. It transcended the barriers of sport to the extent that the foreign minister Mr Moratinos, incorporated it in his speech delivered to the new members of the diplomatic corps.

The slogan had been internalized by the entire Spanish society. But there was a more difficult challenge. We had to convince the players of Spanish national football team to take on this message.

This was the origin of the most profound challenge that Paulino Moraleda has ever participated in. Nike produced a viral piece that contained several players from the Spanish national football team escaping from the concentration and finding themselves in an underground warehouse. Once there, they painted a large canvas that was to be unfolded in the game upon qualification for Euro 2008.

The team played the last home game against Northern Ireland. The place: The Canary Islands. A device was created which could hold the canvas in the stadium was displayed before the game. This was the spectacular result:

Commercial Being Spanish is not an excuse, it is a responsibility

Promotional image of the campaign with Rafa Nadal