Nike – Ronaldinho, Nadal, Gasol: Momentum

June 2006, Barcelona.

«Momentum» in Spanish would translate as «time», «moment», «pick up speed, gain strength.» It is the name that Nike decided to baptize the campaign led by our managing director Paulino Moraleda.

The idea was born from the success that Spanish sport was beginning to reap. Barca began to dominate European football, Nadal swept into the clay courts worldwide and Pau Gasol became a reference player in the NBA.

Nike decided to echo the «momentum» campaign and using the three best athletes when they launched a TV campaign with a website «» which was awarded a Silver Sol in the interactive marketing category at the advertising festival in San Sebastián. Now many commercial brands have jumped on the bandwagon of the successes of Spanish sport, but in 2006, once again, Nike, through Paulino Moraleda was the first to exploit this area of communication.

During the filming of the campaign the most interesting anecdote that ever happened in a set recording occurred. This is the moment Ronaldinho comes into play. The director explains briefly the acting he should do:
The scene was that Ronaldinho received the ball and after a few brief touches, instead of kicking the ball where it came from, he would kick it through the basketball hoop. Ronaldinho laughingly asks the director if the ball going in the hoop would be done in post-production as a trick, he nodded without hesitation. Well, in the first shot, Ronaldinho, to everyone’s surprise, hit the ball in the basket. The reaction of everyone on the set was spectacular. Everyone started cheering and applauding the genius. The whole sequence was recorded by the camera responsible for the «making-off» spot. All but the very moment when the ball hits the rim. Far from thinking that this was an inconvenience Nike used it to launch a viral campaign online «Ronaldinho, does it go in or not?.» The video got more than 3 million views, for months being the most watched sports category on Youtube in Spain.

Spot Momentum

Viral Ronaldinho «does it go in or not?»

Summary Momentum marketing campaign.