Nike – FCBarcelona campaign victory: Leo Messi «Remember my name»

May 2005, Barcelona

End of the 2004-05 season. FC Barcelona proclaimed Champion League winners after five years of drought. The team had undergone a radical transformation releasing 8 players, 5 of them Dutch. Players formed in the Masia began to take a leading role in the first team and that year at 16 years old a player from Argentina called Leo Messi made ​​his debut.

The victory in the league championship offered Nike a unique opportunity to strengthen the emotional connection with the fans of the club. Our managing director, Paulino Moraleda as director of brand communication posed the challenge of finding a relevant concept, which capitalizes on the victory in the league championship and to transmit the values ​​of Nike. A few weeks later Nike launched «The league is over, a new era begins» convinced that the league championship was only the beginning of an era of glory for FC Barcelona. The «easy» would have been to show the virtues of the first team in the video, but Moraleda decide to work with the youth ranks of the club and show the talent coming up. If something has been remembered from this campaign, it has been the challenge that the players said in front of a camera: «Remember My Name» and especially by the appearance in the final seconds of the spot of a very young Leo Messi.

The brand known for the «swoosh» was not wrong announcing the «beginning of an era» as Barça after that went on to win six more league championships and 2 European Cups, but undoubtedly its greatest success was anticipating that people would remember forever the name of Leo Messi.

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