Nike – Euro 2008

Barcelona, June 2008.

The story of this campaign is a great example of vision and confidence of our Director Paulino Moraleda.

We are in the build up to the European Football Championship 2008. Nike had launched the «Momentum» campaign to celebrate the state of grace of the Spanish teams and athletes. But there was no football. It was clear that success in the sport would give the final boost to this initiative. Spain had to wait for the final game to qualify and they receive criticism throughout qualifying. Moraleda launched an investigation among young football fans in which they were asked why they thought that Spain had not reap any success in international competitions. «No goal», «we lack pride», «lack unity in the team,» «lack a leader,» «do not feel the red spirit»…were some of their answers.

Nike presented the survey results to their sponsored players in the national side and proposed them to «make theirs» each of these «accusations». Sergio Ramos chose «do not feel the red spirit » Iniesta «lack a leader,» Fabregas «no magic» Puyol «impose no respect» …

After winning the World Cup and two European Championships there have been many brands that have jumped on the bandwagon of the success of the team, but if there is one that knew before the rest, that was Nike, and their communications director: Paulino Moraleda.