Nike and Atletico Madrid renewed their contract until 2026

Madrid, 30th June 2014

American company Nike and Club Atletico Madrid have reached an agreement after intense negotiations over the past two years, whereby both organisations will be linked together until 2026.

The relationship between the two companies dates back to the 2000/01 season when the club was active in the second division.

Nike has always been dedicated to Atletico Madrid as the American company see the club as a very effective way to counter their heavy weight competitor ADIDAS in Madrid as well as to balance nationally its strong links with FC Barcelona.

Nike is also able to prevent the entry of new players in Madrid such as PUMA or WARRIOR who are both very active at European and national level.

The agreement includes several important strategic areas, such as international branding of Atletico Madrid worldwide and the development of a MACRO STORE in the new stadium that is under construction right now.

With this renewal both companies tie up an agreement for the next 12 years, cementing their business plans both nationally and internationally.