Looking for the best

Madrid 5 de Mayo de 2008.

The daily newspaper Metro in collaboration with Real Madrid Basketball launched a unique initiative, in order to choose the best player of MINI-basket in the community of Madrid.

The player Felipe Reyes is the image of the campaign that will have metro as its main supporter.

All applicants will meet in the Pavilion where coaches from the Real Madrid Basketball team academy will choose the best player in this category.

Felipe Reyes will attend the trials and players will have the chance to play a 1 on 1 against him.

More than 300 applicants from all colleges and Madrid teams are expected. The best players will have the opportunity to join the ranks of Real Madrid Basketball.

The project will also include collaboration with other brands such as ADIDAS, POWERADE and Range Rover.

STEELMAN SPORTS has developed the entire project activation in collaboration with Metro and Real Madrid.