Adecco Estudiantes

The history of the basketball club Estudiantes has a before and after the arrival of ADECCO as the main sponsor.

During the 1998-99 season ADECCO arrived at a very difficult time in the history of the College Club. Their historic sponsor Caja Postal-Argentaria left and ADECCO appeared as the great hope of salvation.

ADECCO not only became one of the major sponsors in the Spanish sporting spectrum at that time, but they also changed the mentality of the club which began to see immediate pays offs.

Adecco’s involvement saw the arrival of new professionals to the club. Financial, sales and marketing areas were mainly reinforced. Our director Guillermo Moraleda became General Director of the Club.

The new management team launched a project innovative for that time. New businesses and companies like KYOECRA-MITA, COMPAL, MMT Seguros, Price Waterhouse Coopers were incorporated to provide funding to bring new ideas and initiatives.

The establishment of the ADECCO ESTUDIANTES BUSINESS CUB was one of the pioneers of this new stage of the projects, facilitating contact among members through a deep bond with PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL. Thanks to the BUSINESS CLUB, companies such as AVIS, MARSANS, ESTEBAN RIVAS, IBM-INSA became sponsors and supporters of the Club.

In June 2001 the fire at the Palacio de los Deportes in Madrid shocked the club, sweeping away an iconic infrastructure of Spanish sport that was also the home to Ramiro de Maeztu’s Club.

The organization was in danger of disappearing, but decided to take a bold step and move with the help of everyone – Public Institutions, Sponsors, Fans – to the Palacio de Vistalegre in Carabanchel. Until then no one had played professional basketball in a bullring.

The neighborhood got behind the project and ADECCOEstudiantes became the team with the most members in the continent.

Passion erupts in the stands, the fans are with the squad and the cry of «Bring out the bullfighters» is repeated over and over again.

In the 2003-04 season the club, playing at Vistalegre, got to their first final of the ACB League against FC Barcelona.