Adecco-Estudiantes business club

Madrid June 30, 2004.

The ADECCOESTUDIANTES Business Club was a totally innovative initiative to attract and capture the Spanish corporate world after the then lack of interest in Professional Basketball.

Objective: To capture as many companies to join the ADECCOESTUDIANTES project through an annual program combining Advertising, Public Relations, Business Exchanges and Training.

Thus the value proposition for the business market was much more attractive than consistent in acquiring a number of VIP seats in a Basketball pavilion.

Over time the BUSINESS CLUB became increasingly attractive for its members.

The training program taught at the best universities in the world (HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL, INSEAD in Fontainebleau, IMD Lausanne) was designed to identify and introduce participants to highly novel aspects such as teamwork, innovation, coaching or leadership.

The Public Relations program allowed companies to invite their clients to different activities such as wine tastings, Paddle Championships or golf tournaments.

Behind the support for the program was all of the ADECCOESTUDIANTES matches. Companies like KYOCERA-MITA, MARSANS, AVIS, ESTEBAN RIVAS, COCA COLA, MMT SEGUROS were part of this club and later took a more important role through the different programs Sponsorship.

The Business Club was not only highly efficient for providing resources to the club but also became the gateway for large investments in sports sponsorship programs.